Production Company:
dgtl Concepts
Matt Greenwell
Jon Dean | Hack Partners
Hack Partners run Hackathons: coding events bringing teams of the best coders, developers and data scientists together for a few days, to create unique and innovative solutions to significant real world problems. During this event we travelled from London, up to Manchester, Bletchley Park (the birth place of modern computing), followed by a day in Portsmouth and ending up back in London. I followed the action over the course of the event, travelling with the teams capturing everything from the coding process, talks, mentoring and finally presentations of their finish projects. The client was keen to make the video as far from the usual corporate videos as possible and wanted to create a fast paced and unique edit that also captured the tone of the “hacking” event. We took inspiration from the trailer for the Netflix show “Love Death and Robots” and tried to incorporate the same fast, quick and punchy editing techniques to move the video along and keep viewers attention. The team were great to work with and watching all these people create some ground breaking applications was a pleasure to be part of.

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